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A guide to buying your first guitar

A Guide to Buying Your First Guitar

Shopping for your first guitar is the most crucial step you can take toward pursuing a lifelong passion for the ...
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What is the best age to begin piano lessons

What Is the Best Age to Begin Piano Lessons?

Playing the piano is a skill that your child can enjoy for a lifetime – but when is the best ...
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20 tips for performing on stage for the first time

20 Tips for Performing on Stage for the First Time

Giving a great performance is about more than just having a good voice or playing an instrument well. It's also ...
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Be natural music concert series spring fundraising season in santa cruz

Be Natural Music Concert Series Spring Fundraising Season in Santa Cruz

From concerts to new band class openings, here’s what’s coming up for our Santa Cruz location. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ...
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Be natural music concert series spring fundraising season cupertino

Be Natural Music Concert Series Spring Fundraising Season in Cupertino

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Cupertino, April 2022 - Since February of this year, Be Natural Music has officially become a ...
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7 guitar chords every beginner must know

7 Guitar Chords Every Beginner Must Know

Playing the guitar isn’t just a fun hobby. Studies have shown that playing the guitar can also help improve cognitive ...
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Be natural music grand opening at cupertino

Grand Opening of Be Natural Music Cupertino Location

Live music, facility tour, and class information will be offered at a fun first-time event.   When:  Saturday, February 12, ...
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How to read drum notation

How to Read Drum Notation for Beginners

Think drummers don’t need to read sheet music? Think again!  Sure, some drummers can get by without knowing how to ...
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12 best vocal exercises for singers

The 12 Best Vocal Exercises for Singers

Singing is a skill that can be learned and developed through regular practice - no matter your natural ability. However, ...
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Beginners guide to piano chords

The Beginner’s Guide to Piano Chords

There are many reasons to learn to play the piano. Not only is it fun, but many studies throughout the ...
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Scholarship donation in memory of cassandra mccann

Scholarship Donation in Memory of Cassandra Mccann

In Memory of Cassandra McCann. Bless up & Thank you for The Music. “Blackbird fly…” $500 was donated towards Camp ...
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A letter to bnm’s families

A Letter to BNM’s Families

Dear Past & Present Be Natural Music Families, At the end of a ridiculous year where every routine in my ...
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Regarding spring concerts

Regarding Spring Concerts

Dear families of Be Natural Music, I wanted to reach out personally to give everyone an update on concerts and ...
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An update for our community

An Update for Our Community

On June 1st we reopened our doors…and we have to say, we are so grateful to be open. In the ...
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Santa cruz’s very own rockstars in waiting

Santa Cruz’s Very Own Rockstars in Waiting

After 100 productions over the last 10 years, putting on large rock concerts has become a bi-annual tradition for the ...
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What are some good tips for learning the guitar?

What Are Some Good Tips for Learning the Guitar?

If you are a keen music fan and love to follow a few bands, then you might have already wondered ...
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5 ways to get the most out of music lessons

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Music Lessons

You invest a lot of time and money in music lessons. Because of this, you want to get as much ...
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What can i expect in my private music lessons?

What Can I Expect in My Private Music Lessons?

Learning a musical instrument is an incredibly useful, enjoyable, and fulfilling hobby, but if you’ve never had private music lessons ...
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What qualities do you look for in a private music teacher

What Qualities Do You Look For in a Private Music Teacher?

Hiring a private music teacher either for yourself or for your children can be a tricky task. Unlike learning music ...
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