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Cory Fossum

Went to watch our friends’ son play his first real rock show last night in Santa Cruz and proceeded to have my face melted. Anyone worried that rock and metal are dead need look no further than the latest generation of young musicians who are keeping it alive and well.

I obviously have a soft spot for kids playing live music (and had gone far too long without hearing any myself) but I had no way of knowing just how much joy hearing these bands would give me. Frank and Melissa’s son, Max, has only been playing guitar since the day Eddie Van Halen died a year ago, but the spirit already moves through him in ways you can’t imagine. He blew my mind.

In fact, every kid from every band up there legit blew my mind. 

Look, I heard two Slayer songs last night. 



Tight, aggressive, and delightfully full of piss and vinegar. 

My ears and soul loved it.

I have to give mad props to for providing such an incredible outlet for these future legends to just fully shine. I went to see Max play expecting the traditional School of Rock staples and what I got instead was a firestorm of complex, pristine, crushing, in-your-face rock and roll that made me remember why we need loud live music to survive. 

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