Bass Lessons in Santa Cruz and Cupertino, CA

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Bass Lessons

As Curt Smith once said, “There’s something rhythmic about running, therefore, it’s not surprising that I love it. I am a bass player after all.” The kind of rhythm and harmony that a bass guitar brings to a band is exceptional. Whether it’s in a rock or jazz band, the bass lays the floor of music and contributes itself to the flavors of the rhythm.

Be Natural Music offers bass lessons for all skill levels and ages. We are here to transform your passion for playing the bass guitar into a reality. Whether you're an experienced player or you've never picked up an instrument in your life, we are here to make you the best bassist you can be.

Bass lessons be natural music
Bass lessons be natural music
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Beginner Bass Lessons

Our beginner program provides basic skills to learners before they move to the intermediate and advanced levels. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of the instrument as a first step towards becoming a pro. Here, you will learn:

Finger Placement
Walking bass lines
Slap and pop technique
Octave shapes

Be Natural's beginner bass lessons focuses on offering personalized lessons to each student. We understand that people take different times to master and apply music skills. We have, therefore, put in place private lessons and group classes to make learning easier.

Group classes help learners rate their skills while learning from others. Online virtual Private lessons, on the other hand, allow every student to learn at their own pace. This combination of individual and group lessons helps learners gain performance-based skills.

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Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

After mastering the basics of playing bass guitar, the next step is to move to the intermediate and advanced levels. Through the assistance of an expert bass teacher, you will learn how to play like you’re in a live band.

The intermediate and advanced levels are where students may get the opportunity for first-hand experience playing in a real band. If you do end up auditioning for a band, you will get an opportunity to play popular rock music at live shows. This gives learners the experience of performing in front of a live audience which is a great experience and a lot of fun!

At Be Natural Music, it’s never too early or too late to start learning. We offer bass guitar lessons for elementary-aged kids, teens, and adults. We accommodate your needs to make you feel comfortable throughout this.

Bass lessons bnm
Bass lessons be natural music
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Do I Need to Buy a Bass Before Starting Bass Lessons?

All musicians must own their own instruments. We recognize that beginners don’t’ always know what kind of bass to buy so please ask our bass teachers and staff as they will have suggestions for you. We also have basses at our school for you to try out which will help you get acquainted with different types of basses.

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Pro?

The learning process is different for everyone. However, practicing every day, attending private lessons, rehearsing with a group, and staying committed, will speed up the learning process. You can be playing at a proficient level in as little as 6 months and become a pro player in only a few years! If becoming a professional bassist is your goal, this is a great place to start.

Bass lessons be natural music
Guitarist playing power chords
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Can I Teach Myself Bass Guitar?

There are a lot of tutorials for bass lessons on line, so yes, you can get started, but having a personal instructor is always best

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