Vocal Lessons in Santa Cruz and Cupertino, CA

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Singing Lessons

Singing Your Heart Out Without Hurting Your Voice

Be Natural Music is where aspiring and young vocalists can find the tools they need to learn the fundamentals of singing. Our expert voice coaches will teach you everything you need to know, such as posture, diction, and breathing. Learning these basics is essential to delivering a strong vocal performance.

Our teachers will guide you through the early process of your vocal progression, helping you keep a steady tempo, establish pitch, and develop timbre. We offer both private lessons and the chance to perform as a part of a band. We believe that this performance component is one of the best ways to gain musical proficiency.

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Singing Lessons for All Ages

Be Natural Music has vocal lessons for singers of all levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Our expert vocal teachers focus on the areas that need the most improvement for those who are just starting. We also teach more advanced students techniques to add to their repertoire no matter the age. We have singing lessons for the following age groups:

  • Preschoolers

    We have vocal lessons for the youngest tykes out there. We help them discover their voice to help set them up on a journey to musical proficiency.

  • Kids

    When it comes to teaching children, our vocal teachers offer lessons that are engaging and fun. At Be Natural Music, we show you how to stay in-key and diction while also diving into more complicated techniques like intonation and timbre.

  • Teens

    The vocal classes our program offers train teenagers into skilled singers. We incorporate the proper warm-ups and microphone techniques they need to comfortably and confidently perform in front of live audiences.

  • Adults

    For adults, our vocal experts help individuals learn scales, how to stay on key, and how to keep tempo all while sustaining their voice. We help you hone your skills in private sessions or a group setting so that you can sing with the support of fellow singers behind you.

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Voice Teachers Near You

When you choose Be Natural Music for your voice lessons, you’re choosing a program that provides a supportive environment. We seek to ensure that you are comfortable, no matter your skill level, while still challenging you so that your voice experiences growth.

With the help of our voice teachers, you can gain real skills through our private lessons and group sessions.

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Start Singing Today

Learning how to sing takes a lot of dedication and a bit of guidance. Luckily, at the Be Natural Music Santa Cruz Academy, our expert vocal teachers give you the tools you need to help you succeed. Complete our registration form or call us today if you want to start singing today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

Depending on the lessons you’re purchasing, vocal lessons can cost anywhere from $55 to $450. It all depends on how many lessons you want to attend and whether or not you want a group session or a private one.

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How Long Will It Take to Get Good at Singing?

You have to remember that practice is essential. Your voice is an instrument, and you need a determined mindset and a positive attitude. Learning to control your voice can take as little as six months or as long as a few years. The result varies from student to student.

What Is the Best Age to Start Singing Lessons for Kids?

There is no perfect age for students to start learning to sing. It comes down to the individual child’s maturity and attitude. However, our vocal program starts taking on students as young as the age of five.

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Do Vocal Lessons Actually Help?

Absolutely. As a vocalist, it's always good to take lessons with a one-on-one instructor, as they can help you with your pitch corrections, timing, phrasing, breathing and good use of your diaphram.

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