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Harp Lessons At Be Natural Music

Are you a parent whose child has expressed interest in learning an instrument outside of the typical band and orchestra instruments? Or perhaps you're a music lover looking to finally start learning an instrument you've always dreamed of playing! If that instrument is the gorgeous and ethereal harp, you've come to the right spot.

At Be Natural Music, we offer private lessons on a wide variety of instruments, including the Celtic harp. We're very proud to provide students of all ages a chance to learn how to play this very special instrument. Not only does the harp have a rich history, but it embodies a beautiful sound.

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Home to Dedicated Harp Instructors

Our harp teachers pride themselves on their passion for both music and teaching. They have the skills necessary for inspiring students of all ages to fall in love with their instrument and work hard at learning it.

All of our instructors follow our strict Be Natural Music teaching guidelines. We make every student feel comfortable while learning how to play the harp or fine-tuning their skills if they're an experienced harpist.

Our teachers are here to guide students every step of the way. They make learning music theory engaging, offer valuable performance advice, and provide inspiring insights from their own experiences as professional musicians.

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Personalized Lessons

Our harp lessons are personalized for the student's skill level and individual goals. We encourage our students to progress at their own pace. Our priority is making sure you love your lessons, your instrument, and the amazing journey playing the harp brings.

Do you need your very own harp? Yes! You want to be able to practice at home to become the incredible harpist we know you can be. When it comes to purchasing your first instrument, our expert instructors can point you in the right direction.

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Contact Us

Don't wait to start learning this unique instrument! Call us today at 831-515-8369 or fill out our registration form to get connected with an incredible instructor to start your harp classes today! We look forward to welcoming you into our community of amazing musicians!

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