Jazz and Rock Piano Lessons in Santa Cruz and Cupertino, CA

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Jazz and Rock Piano Lessons

If you've ever dreamt of mastering jazz or rock on the keyboard, don't wait any longer. Here at Be Natural Music, we offer a wide range of keyboard lessons to help you on your way! Take a look through our accessible range of piano classes today and realize your potential.

Jazz and rock piano lessons
Jazz and rock piano lessons for children
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Piano Lessons Basics to Aces

Our piano teachers can help you learn from the very beginning, or take your existing skills to the next level. We offer support for all abilities, from beginning piano lessons for kids to private piano lessons for more experienced musicians.

Our comprehensive offering includes:

Music theory for classical and jazz
Help to find your rhythm, including clap counting
Chord recognition Composing and improvising your own work
Sessions with a band, playing and recording in-studio

Our online virtual piano lessons will help you discover your voice in the world of jazz and rock quickly. Work with our experienced piano teachers and you'll soon find even the most daunting skills coming to you naturally. Our keyboard piano lessons are tailored to bringing out the unique potential in every one of our students.

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The Stage Is Yours

We believe that performance is a vital element of all musical learning. It helps our students build their confidence by shining in front of their peers and an audience. Of course, our private piano lessons will always take place in an environment that helps you feel comfortable. However, under the guidance of our amazing piano teachers, you'll soon find your place on the stage.

Likewise, if your child dreams of performing in a band, here at Be Natural Music, our piano lessons for kids bring youngsters' talent and flair to the fore. Our piano teachers help students learn skills and techniques that will always be with them. Signing your little rock star up for our piano lessons for kids is a great first step for them to unlock their potential.

Jazz and rock piano lessons for adults
Jazz and rock piano lessons
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Can Anyone Learn Jazz?

The great George Gershwin once said, "Life is a lot like jazz. It's best when you improvise." Finding your rhythm is just the same in jazz as it is when you're learning to walk. Once you start, you'll find that you're doing just fine!

There's no secret 'gift' for playing jazz or rock. Everyone has the ability. The confidence and technical know-how you'll gain from our keyboard piano lessons form the foundation on which you'll develop naturally.

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Is Performing As Scary as It Looks?

Absolutely not! Our piano classes are focused on helping you find your feet within a band environment. With collaboration forming an integral element of your keyboard lessons, you'll get into the groove before you know it.

The same is true of younger rock stars. Our piano lessons for kids help build confidence and character by helping your child learn in a supportive group dynamic. Learning proper techniques and understanding the theory gives them a fantastic start on a personal level. Teaming up with others teaches youngsters how much they really can bring to the table.

Jazz and rock piano lessons
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The Best Time Is Always Now

Don't wait around - jazz lives in the moment! Contact us over the phone
or by filling out our brief form, and we'll get you started on your journey right away.

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