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Class Description

Weekly 1 Hour Band Class
Live Performances in Professional Venues
Professional Video & Audio Recording For YouTube & Downloads
Learning Jazz & Funk Standards
Song Arrangement, Improvisation and Creativity
Dealing With Self Confidence and Nervousness
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Be Apart of Your Own Band!
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For ages 12 - 20
Every musician should know their basic 7th chords & Major Scales on their instrument.
Music lessons are encouraged!
All students should have and bring their own instruments and amps, cables and tuners, etc.

(Drum Kit is provided on site, but drummers must own one at home for practice.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Private Lessons, an audition is not necessary. For our Real Rock Band program, though, an audition is an absolute.

Absolutely! Just let the Office Manager know that you are only interested in a specific duration of lessons, whether they be for only a month or only two months.

Short answer: yes! But we ask for some flexibility on this as we may need to rearrange to a new teacher if the switch of instruments are not one your current teacher is knowledgeable in. A 30-day notice is required for a switch like this.

Our school offers twice-monthly tuition. View our tuitions and pricing here:

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