Frequently Asked Questions

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For Private Lessons, an audition is not necessary. For our Real Rock Band program, though, an audition is an absolute.

We have Real Rock Band & Private lessons year-round.

Short answer: yes! But we ask for some flexibility on this as we may need to rearrange to a new teacher if the switch of instruments are not one your current teacher is knowledgeable in. A 30-day notice is required for a switch like this.

Be Natural Music has fiscal sponsorship from The William James Association! This allows us to provide youth musicians with financial scholarships for Real Rock Band, Private Lessons, Summer Camps, & Group Classes.

Our piano, sax, vocal, and drum teachers will teach students as young as 5. Our guitar & bass teachers will teach students as young as 8.

If you have a poster to share with us we will sometimes put them up on our windows!

It is strongly recommended for any instrument that you are taking lessons on to have that same instrument available to you at home to practice!

It is strongly recommended for any instrument you wish to take lessons in to have that same instrument available to you at home to practice! That being said, we house drumsets & keyboards here at our school for students taking lessons on those instruments; on all other instruments students are required to bring their own.

Absolutely! Just let the Office Manager know that you are only interested in a specific duration of lessons, whether they be for only a month or only two months.

Yes! We offer Private Lessons in Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele, Piano, Percussion, & Saxophone.

Our school offers twice-monthly tuition.

By practicing them every day and saying the name chord out loud while playing it.

It depends on your goals. If you're a beginner, it's good to get weekly lessons for years to come.

In general, electric is usually the easiest to start with because the neck and strings will be thinner and the action low enough to make it easier to play.

Attentive and up. (age 5+)

An electric keyboard from Costco is usually a good first piano.

If you're taking lessons or playing drums in a band, then yes, you are required to own your own instrument so that you can practice at home. If an acoustic kit is too loud for your home, you can always get an electric kit and use headphones.

Absolutely. As a vocalist, it's always good to take lessons with a one-on-one instructor, as they can help you with your pitch corrections, timing, phrasing, breathing and good use of your diaphram.

There are a lot of tutorials for bass lessons on line, so yes, you can get started, but having a personal instructor is always best

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