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Story of Be Natural Music,
Santa Cruz, CA

Apart from providing music lessons, we also offer band classes in and around Santa Cruz, CA for young musicians who know how to rock on their instrument!

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Music Lessons

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Vocal Lessons

Be Natural Music is where aspiring and young vocalists can find the tools they need to learn the fundamentals of singing.

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Ukulele Lessons

With the ukulele, the sky’s the limit! In our student-tailored lessons, you can learn a variety of music styles & genres.

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Guitar Lessons

Our team of professional guitar instructors at Be Natural Music would love to work with you and help you get started.

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Harp Lessons

We offer private lessons on a wide variety of instruments, including the Celtic harp. Our teachers guide students every step of the way.

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Bass Lessons

We offer bass lessons for all skill levels and ages. We are here to transform your passion for playing the bass guitar into a reality.

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Jazz & Rock Piano Lessons

Here at Be Natural Music, we offer a wide range of keyboard lessons to help you on your way!

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Saxophone Lessons

If you have always desired to become a successful saxophonist, Be Natural Music is offering you the opportunity to learn from the best.

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Drum Lessons

At Be Natural Music, we offer drum lessons for all skill levels, including drum lessons for kids and beginners.

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Flat Rate

Weekly 30 Rocker 4 30 min Once per week ($52.50) $210/mo
Weekly 45 Rocker 4 45 min Once per week ($62.50) $250/mo
Weekly 60 Rocker 4 60 min Once per week ($72.50) $290/mo
Weekly 90 Rocker 4 90 min Once per week ($108.75) $435/mo
Biweekly 45 Jammer 2 45 min Twice per month ($65.00) $130/mo
Biweekly 60 Jammer 2 60 min Twice per month ($75.00) $150/mo
Spot 30 1 30 min One-time spot lesson ($55.00) $55.00
Spot 45 1 45 min One-time spot lesson ($70.00) $70.00
Spot 60 1 60 min One-time spot lesson ($80.00) $80.00

Flat rate - Add a family member program

$100 per month for a 60-minute lesson
$150 per month for a 90-minute lesson

Monthly Prices for All Band Classes:

Real Rock Band & Jazz Band (RRB) - $150

Any missed lessons require 24-hour notice. Makeup lessons are available under certain circumstances

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What People Are Saying About Us Online

Excellent 5 Based on 33 reviews and ratings based on Google and Facebook.

Austin Shaw
Austin Shaw

BeNat is amazing. The kids not only learn a ton but have a great time doing it. I've seen my son grow in confidence not only with his instrument but in life as well. He’s also made some great friends in the program.

Jenny Wiley
Jenny Wiley

We have had a fabulous 5 years with Be Natural Music. My son has learned to play and perform a wide range of songs, including some originals, and has developed a livelong love of musicianship. Thank you to Matt, Sarah, and many of the other great teachers at Be Natural Music!

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