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Become a Rockstar at BNM

Do you have dreams of getting up on stage and rocking out just like your favorite rock artists?  Well, at Be Natural Music, we help make those dreams a reality!

We offer Real Rock Band classes that give you the fundamentals and skills you need to play in a band of your very own. Although it's one of our most popular styles, we don't just do rock! We also have band classes in jazz, funk, blues, reggae, and more. We are here to help you grow as a musician and find your voice and rockstar style.

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What You Get Out of Our Real Rock Band (RRB) Program

When you participate in our Real Rock Band program, you'll start to wonder why you didn't start earlier!  Here's what comes with the program:

Play cover tunes in a band setting
Weekly 1 hour band classes
Perform at professional venues
Receive professional video & audio production
Compose with your band!
Learn Song Arrangement, improvisation and creativity
Build stage presence and self-confidence while dealing with nervousness
Community engagement with chances to play on the radio, TV, local fundraisers, & for various establishments
You get a BAND PAGE! Updated after every Concert Season; ready to get gigs!
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Classes Led by Experienced Musicians and Performers

When you join our rock school band, you'll be in great hands with the fantastic instructors at Be Natural Music. If anyone knows how to rock, they do.

Many of our teachers are currently in or have been in bands themselves, so they know how to make a performance fun for everyone. They will be with you every step of the way as you build your skills and grow with other young musicians.

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Requirements for Enrollment

Before you can sign up for our Real Rock Band program, there are just a few requirements. So what do we ask of our rockers-in-training? It's simple.

Must have basic skills on your instrument of choice
Have access to an instrument for class and at-home use
Commitment to practicing & band preparation
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Basic Skills

You are required to have some fundamental skills on your instrument. Specifically, you are required to know how to play in time and in key. If you want to start with our general music lessons, this is a great way to gain confidence. If you already have some basic knowledge of how to use your instrument, it will benefit you in the long run.

Our rock band classes are a fast-paced group environment. We want everyone to learn and have a great time, but we also want everyone to be able to keep up. Many of our students take music lessons con-currently with band classes.

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Access to Your Own Instrument

The other requirement is that you bring your own instrument. We supply the class space, which comes with a PA, microphones, keyboard, amplifiers for the guitarists and bassist, and the drum set.

At home, you should have all the other equipment you need to practice, such as amps, tuners, cables, drum kit, and more.

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Band Position Openings

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Rock With Us

If you want to get started or learn more about our rock band classes, get in touch with us!

You can do so by giving us a call or filling out an online form today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Private Lessons, an audition is not necessary. For our Real Rock Band program, though, an audition is an absolute.

If you have a poster to share with us we will sometimes put them up on our windows!

It is strongly recommended for any instrument you wish to take lessons in to have that same instrument available to you at home to practice! That being said, we house drumsets & keyboards here at our school for students taking lessons on those instruments; on all other instruments students are required to bring their own.

It is strongly recommended for any instrument that you are taking lessons on to have that same instrument available to you at home to practice!

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