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Do You Want to Be a Rock Star?

Perform in Professional Venues

Learning cover tunes in a band setting
Composing original music
Song Arrangement, improvisation and creativity
Dealing with self confidence and nervousness
Live performance and stage presence
Weekly 1 hour band class
Professional Concerts
Opportunities for performing on Community TV, on radio & for fundraisers
Professional video & audio recording for Youtube & downloads Band page
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Music Waves

Classes Are Being Directed by a Professional Musician, Performer and Music Teacher

Are you itching to play in a Real Rock Band with other young musicians? This is your chance! Although ROCK music covers a huge spectrum, we also do funk, jazz, reggae, blues, etc. depending on the band's capabilities and interest. Be Natural Music has year-round, weekly ongoing classes centrally located in Seabright, Santa Cruz!

"Real Rock Band" Classes (In contrast to the video game), are for young musicians who already know how to play a musical instrument.
An audition will be required to join or start a band class. "Real Rock Band" is a great way for a young musician to get experience playing with other young musicians in a band setting.

Be Natural Music is accepting musicians ages 9 to 19.

Want to join an already established band? Check out our Band Openings page right here & be sure to note which band you want to audition for in the Notes section!

Music Waves


Every musician should have some basic skills on their instrument.

Con-current music lessons are encouraged.

All students should bring their own instruments and have amps, cables, and tuners, etc, at home for practice.

(Drum Kit is provided on-site, but drummers must own one at home to practice.)

Music Waves

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Private Lessons, an audition is not necessary. For our Real Rock Band program, though, an audition is an absolute.

If you have a poster to share with us we will sometimes put them up on our windows!

It is strongly recommended for any instrument you wish to take lessons in to have that same instrument available to you at home to practice! That being said, we house drumsets & keyboards here at our school for students taking lessons on those instruments; on all other instruments students are required to bring their own.

It is strongly recommended for any instrument that you are taking lessons on to have that same instrument available to you at home to practice!

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