Tuning into the Digital Symphony of Be Natural Music

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Tuning into the Digital Symphony of Be Natural Music

Santa Cruz is no stranger to incredible talents and moments that make our hearts skip a beat. In the midst of our vibrant music scene, Be Natural Music proudly stands as a beacon of creativity and education.

At Be Natural Music, we are a unique and inspiring music school catering to young, budding talents. We have made our mark in Good Times Santa Cruz’s news, becoming a significant part of the local music landscape. Our school is a powerhouse of creativity, dedicated to nurturing and guiding our students through their musical journeys.

We all know that the global COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges. But rest assured, the spirit of Be Natural Music, remains undaunted. We have adapted instantly to the ‘new normal,’ switching to Zoom for our music lessons back on March 17, 2020. This transition to digital learning showcases our deep commitment to our students, ensuring that their musical development and dreams do not skip a beat.

In the GoodTimes article “Call It A Quarantstream: Musicians Take Performances Online“, Be Natural Music continues to inspire with our resilience, versatility, and dedication to our students. In these uncertain times, music acts as a universal language that helps to connect us all. And it is heartening to see that institutions like ours not only adapt but also continue to share the joy and life-altering benefits of music against all odds.

So, whether it’s in the spotlight’s glare or behind the scenes, Be Natural Music remains committed to amplifying the importance of music education and fostering a passion for the arts in our community. We reflect the best of Santa Cruz’s spirit – vibrant, resilient, and always ready to play a symphony, come what may.

To learn more about our mission and how we’re making a difference, we invite you to read the full article here.

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Matthew Pinck

Matt, fondly known as "Yoga Matt" on stage, has collectively studied music since the age of five and has been teaching in Santa Cruz County since 1998. Among his arsenal of music expertise are: guitar, vocals, composition, piano, electric bass and drums. His vast formal training has taken place in top schools, such as UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and Cabrillo College, eventually earning his Bachelors in Jazz Guitar from Skidmore College in New York.

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